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Whatever Happened to Queer Happiness? (London: Influx Press, 2022)

'Be True to Your Bar: Whither the Gay Bar?', The Baffler, December 2023

'Canoes by Maylis de Kerengal'Times Literary Supplement, October 2023

'Kairos by Jenny Erpenpeck', Times Literary Supplement, June 2023

'Sissy Smut', Frieze, April 2023

'Doris Fish and the Rise of Drag'The Baffler, February 2023

'Siblings by Brigette Reinmann', Times Literary Supplement, February 2023

'Derek Jarman', The Irish Times, February 2023

'Queering Beauty, Queering the Crip', Frieze, November 2022

'Ti Amo by Hanne Ørstavik', Times Literary Supplement, October 2022

'Hamad Butt', Tate Etc 56, Autumn 2022

'Dungeness'Five Dials, Summer 2022

'documenta fifteen', art-agenda, June 2022


'Dala Nasser'Artforum International, April 2022

'The Sámi Pavillion', Frieze, April 2022

'Queer Life, Queer Love'Times Literary Supplement, March 2022

'Adrian Duncan's The Geometer Lobachevksy'Literary Review, March 2022

'Zach Blas's Unknown Ideals', art-agenda, March 2022

'Adam Farah', Frieze, November 2021

Hurvin Anderson, 'Reverb',' art-agenda, November 2021

'When Is A Painting?'art-agenda, September 2021

'Bassam Al-Sabbah', Paper Visual Art, September 2021

'Tursic & Mille's Strange Days', art-agenda, July 2021

'James Bartolicci'Frieze, July 2021

'Charles Gaines', Art Review, June 2021

'Notes of a Nativist Son: Sjön's Red Milk', Times Literary Supplement, June 2021

Colter Jacobsen, 'Fathom', Artforum International, May 2021


'Three Beaches'Tolka 1, May 2021

Contemporary Art Writing Daily's Anti-Ligature Roomsart-agenda, April 2021

'In Conversation: Jeremy Atherton-Lin and Kevin Brazil', Granta, March 2021

'Drunk or Metaphysical? Jon Fosse's I Is Another,' Times Literary Supplement, February 2021

'The Art of Queer Support'Frieze, January 2021

'Ajamu on the Pleasures of the Darkroom', Frieze, January 2021

'Alex da Corte's Nostalgia for Pop'Frieze, December 2020

'Bruce Nauman', art-agenda, November 2020

'Interview with Sianne Ngai', The White Review, October 2020

'Fear of a Gay Planet', The White Review 28, July 2020 

'What Ever Happened to Queer Happiness?', Granta, June 2020

'The Times of Art', art-agenda, June 2020

'One Piece At A Time: Lars Myttig's The Bell in the Lake'Times Literary Supplement, May 2020

Boris Groys, 'Comrades of Time', art-agenda, May 2020

Hal Foster's What Comes After Farce, art-agenda, April 2020

'Childish Things: Ismail Kadare's The Doll', Times Literary Supplement, March 2020

Stan Douglas, 'Doppelgänger', art-agenda, March 2020 

Paul B. Preciado's An Apartment On UranusArt Review, March 2020

'The Stud File: Samuel Steward's The Lost Autobiography of Samuel Steward', London Review of Books, February 2020

Peter Fischli and David Weiss, 'Should I Paint A Pirate Ship...'Studio International, February 2020

Alvaro Barrington, 'Garvey: Sex, Love, Nurturing Famalay', The White Review, October 2019

"I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Kathy Acker'Art Review, August 2019

'J. R. Ackerley's We Think the World of You'Public Books, May 2019

'Wolfgang Tillmans: Rebuilding the Future', Paper Visual Art 10 , April 2019

‘'The Queer Uses of Art’, The White Review 23, October 2018

'Nora Ikstena's Soviet Milk', The White Review, August 2018

Fred Wilson, 'Afrokismet'Paper Visual Art, June 2018

Interview with Terre Thaemlitz, The White Review, March 2018

Christiane Baumgartner, 'Liquid Light', thisistomorrow, April 2017


Juliana Huxtable, 'Project Native Informant', thisistomorrow, October 2017

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